Join me as I pray for encouragement, humility and strength.

May these words empower you in your daily walk with God.

  • The Little Ones

    The Little Ones

    A praise for our little ones.

  • The Vice

    The Vice

    A prayer for strength against sin.

  • The Children

    The Children

    A prayer for the faith of a child.

  • The Gentle

    The Gentle

    A plea to the Lord for a gentle heart.

  • The Friendship

    The Friendship

    A prayer for healthy and fruitful friendships.

  • The Grief

    The Grief

    Praying for healing from loss.

  • The Motherhood

    The Motherhood

    A prayer for a biblical approach to motherhood.

  • The Lost

    The Lost

    A plea on behalf of the Lost.

  • The Bold

    The Bold

    A prayer for boldness in speech.


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