The Motherhood

Lord, guide me through motherhood.

Gift me a heart like Hannah’s, dedicated to prayer and ever mindful of the true blessings my children are. May I never forget it is you who carefully knitted them in the womb.

Grant me the patience and wisdom to enjoy every moment. May I never wish days away, but instead treasure each step and stumble.

When it gets hard and then harder, Lord give me strength like Ruth. May I persevere through any unknown, through turmoil and tragedy. Remind me trials are a joy, and let my faith be proven steadfast.

Gift me a gentle, humble disposition. Help me to set pride and self aside in obedience to you, God. I pray to reflect Christ in my actions. May I react to each need, not with irritation or anger, but always with compassion.

Lastly, let me be devoted to your word. Let it be on my lips every hour. Bless my speech with your truth so these children grow an unmatched love for Jesus.


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