The Prayer

Lord, thank you for prayer.

I know you hear our prayers, whether they be whispers, scroll in a notebook, or anguished cries. May I not consider this too lightly.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to question, to request, to discuss — any concern or need I may have with you. I understand you are sovereign and there is no obligation to listen. Thank you.

Lord, may I not waste this time. Let me not shy from expressing any fear or desire, for you already know my heart.

May I not be only self-seeking. Let my prayers expand beyond my circle and to all your people. Humble this soul.

May I be in constant conversation with you God. Never ceasing to lift up a need and always prepared for a response.

God, may I never forget who you are and to praise! Praise, for you are the ultimate judge. Praise, for you are the Healer, Redeemer, Almighty God. Thank you!


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