The Marriage

Lord, thank you for marriage.

May we glorify you in the way we treat our marriage. Let us not cease to find ways to connect with and show love to our spouses.

Help us to support one another with kindness and tenderness. It can be difficult when you know every single fault, and they know yours. God, I pray we are slow in anger and quick in grace.

Let us stay true to the specific roles you have outlined for husbands and wives. Should we falter, let us be gentle with one another, praying sincerely in love.

As a wife, I pray I may submit to my husband’s leadership and wisdom under the Lord’s guidance. I pray I may be a Helper of strength and compassion.

I pray for my husband to lead our home by placing God first. I pray he loves me as Christ loved the church.

Lord, thank you for marriage. You knew we would need partners upon creation. May our bond be a positive example for our children and others to follow.

Should we struggle, God guide both our hearts back to you.


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