The Nation

Lord, I lift up this nation.

May we repent of the sins committed under the false label of “freedom”: innocent lives murdered, sexual perversion promoted, and idolatry celebrated.

  • Murder: Lord, let this nation turn from abortion. Millions of lives lost unnecessarily. Forgive us. Let us all see life in the same way you regard us, precious and valuable.
  • Sexual Perversion: God, help us turn from all forms of sexual perversion — homosexuality, pedophilia, adultery, pornography. Let us hold sacred that which you have established.
  • Idolatry: Savior, turn us from anything trying to replace you. Narcissism, celebrities, technology, materialism. Let us cling to your greatest commandment.

Grant your believers strength to abstain from the evil in this world. May our actions be a positive influence to those around us. May we seek to glorify You only.

Help our nation, oh Lord.


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