The Servant

Lord, equip me to serve others in your name.

A spiritual gift is a wasted gift unless it is being used to further God’s Kingdom. May I never hesitate to serve humbly in your name, striving to bless others.

God extinguish all that should keep me from fulfilling this act of faith. Be it fear, confusion, apathy, or selfishness.

When I hear of a need, let me do my best to fill it. Whether this be physical action or intercessory prayer, Lord, let me act. Let my faith take motion through all my senses.

May I serve You, not me. May I bow to YOU, not my flesh.

And in so doing, may my family flourish. May my church be encouraged. May I grow closer to you and more in line with the purpose you have impressed upon my soul: surrender, love, glorify, evangelize.

Send me, oh Lord. Send me.

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