The Obedient

Lord, I do not seek to disobey you. Inscribe your word upon my heart, let me do your will as long as I live.

For so long I have been selfish. For so long I have submitted to flesh. Greed, pride, apathy. Lord, no more.

Each day I yearn to be closer to you. Each day I recognize my sin in new ways. Boldly you press upon me with conviction — not condemnation — the desire to be more Christ-like.

I do not wish to be of this world, merely in it. I do not wish to mirror the lost. Set me apart, oh Lord. Guide my steps and words in your holy wisdom.

May I submit to your commandments, staying the narrow path and shining the light for others. God, let my actions bear lasting fruit, boasting only of your glory.

Help me to be obedient. Regardless of the cost.

Here I am. Send me.

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