One Enemy

What is the greatest challenge Christians currently face?

Is it the ugly wedge of politics? Postmodernism and its attempt to extinguish universal truths? Social Media with its push for sin to trend status? The entertainment industry which seems to nurture hate?

Perhaps it is not external, but within the church body. Apathy, ignorance, and pride.

It is all of these and none of these.

At the root of all evil is the Evil One. Know your enemy. Satan gains strength by our denial of his existence. By our doubt of his deception and reach.

Do not let him steal your light. Praise and rejoice for God’s victory over this world is certain! Share this joy with others, letting this knowledge offer strength and hope.

The battles being fought are for souls. Dads, moms, grandparents, siblings, children, friends. Never let us grow dull in our passion to evangelize, or swayed by the devil’s trickery.

Remember the enemy. Proclaim Christ’s power over him.

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